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Cheese Board: Cheddar

  • £2595

The CheeseBoard:Cheddar kit is designed as a low cost platform to get started with projects with the ESP8266 - low cost wi-fi system-on-chip from Espressif Systems.

We designed this kit to get you up and running with your project idea quickly and easily. It is also a learning platform for developing ideas on the ESP8266.

We hope that it will be useful for displaying basic information from a website or to upload data or information to a website. There are millions of ways this board can be used - let your imagination run free...

The kit contains:

  • an ESP8266 unit (we supply the NodeMCU Amica unit)
  • a single colour 124 x 64 pixel OLED display
  • Rotary encoder with push-switch
  • 5 x WS2812 Red-Green-Blue LEDs
  • USB power socket
  • Laser cut plastic enclosure

It is a relatively easy to solder kit (as we have already soldered the surface mount parts!). It should take in the region of 1-2 hours to construct.

The instructions are available here.

The board can be programmed using a micro USB cable via the Arduino IDE or other Integrated Development Environments.

We are providing some basic programs to get you started, which are designed as starting points for your project. We hope to update these with new ideas and examples.

There as also breakout pads for easily adding a serial data connection, external I2C connection and also for an HC-12 wireless serial module (note: HC-12 is not supplied).

The circuit diagram is available here.

This project is fully open-source and the PCB design files and software are available here:

Please keep us informed of the amazing things you do with it!

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