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Solder Solar - a DIY Solar Powered Torch

  • £500

This kit is designed as a Learn to Solder kit and as an introduction to solar power.

This is a very simple soldering kit to build a solar powered torch. Use it for camping, exploring, investigating and illuminating.

The unit has a small solar panel which recharges an ultra-capacitor. There are two LEDs, one white and one red, which are powered by the energy in the ultra-capacitor.

This can be used when out and about, charged during the day and a handy light for night. The white light is useful to find your way around, while the red light will not affect your night vision, so can be used when reading map at night.

The ultra-capacitor is 0.47F which stores enough charge for around 20 minutes of white light, or around 1 hour of red light.

This kit can also be used as a small power supply for other projects (requiring a 3-5.5V power supply). This could be used for very low power monitoring nodes.

PCB files, circuit schematics and instructions can be found here:

The instructions are available on-line here:

Some feedback from customers:

"I built the solar powered flashlight keyring with my six year old grandson, his first foray into soldering, and it went well. Worked on completion. A good little kit."

"I bought this kit as a beginner at soldering because I wanted something useful to learn the basics of circuitry with. It was very easy to put together and the PCB feels like a high-quality board. Everything was well marked, so I had no trouble understanding how to assemble it even though it was only the second kit I put together."


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