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DC Power Sensor ISL28022

  • £1695

Need to accurately measure DC voltage, current and power?

We needed to for a renewable energy project and saw the ISL28022 from Renesas:

This is a bidirectional high-side and low-side digital current sense and voltage monitor with an I2C serial interface.

It can measure up to 60V DC and current through a shunt resistor with a shunt voltage of up to 320mV. We supply a 5mOhm shunt resistor, which can measure up to 32 A. This is measured with a high-accuracy analogue to digital converter with better than 0.3 %. It can have the shunt in the high or low side and can cope with negative shunt voltages.

We have put this IC on a circuit board with 25A rated screw terminals, ‘Grove’ connectors for the I2C interface. It can work with 3-5V power supply. We have added small smoothing capacitors and interface circuitry. This is surface mount & we have already added these components.

Instructions are available here.

We have written a simple code to get you started using this sensor with your Arduino or other microcontroller. Full details (including PCB files and instructions and example code) are available in the Github repository:

It will need wiring to a microcontroller of your choice through an I2C interface. We provide simple example Arduino Uno code.

This is a reasonably simple kit which requires some soldering & should take under 1 hour to build.

Not suitable for under 12 years old.

One of our customers, Dennis, has written a Python class for this sensor. It's open source and available here:

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