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E-Paper Display Unit

  • £2495

Need a portable, low-energy, wireless display for the data you are collecting?

This display unit has an ESP32 Wi-Fi enabled micro-controller and a 2.13” e‑ink display, along with a nice wooden enclosure.

The standard kit is a simple, no-solder kit to get you up and running quickly. The solar powered kit requires a few basic solder connections.

It is designed for people who have some programming knowledge, as you will need to re-program the unit and make it do what you want.

When we saw this E-Ink development board, we loved it and started to make it display the data we wanted. We wanted it to look a bit more beautiful, though, so we designed a nice enclosure for it. We have also added a touch sensor wire with soldered terminal pad.

Examples we have built for this display included:

The limit is your imagination!

It displays the information even when the unit has gone to sleep, so is great for showing data or information that does not change too quickly.

You can set the unit to wake up on a touch, or to use the timer to wake it up at set intervals.

The kit includes a relatively simple wooden enclosure to hold everything and keep it at a nice display angle. We wanted something that would look nice on a mantle-piece!
We now do two different versions:


The standard version uses an 18650 lithium-ion cell, which is recharged via the micro USB connection. We have found a full battery to last for several hundred updates, but this does depend on your code.


The new solar version also uses an 18650 lithium-ion cell, but there is also a small solar panel and 18650 charging IC and circuit board. In a decent sunny position and with not too many updates then this should work just on solar power! (You can also plug in a micro-USB cable to recharge).

Please note: The 18650 cell is not included in either version, as we cannot easily ship them.

The Standard unit build instructions are available here.

The Solar unit build instructions are available here.

The github repository for the code, enclosure design files and instructions is here:

Note: This kit is based on the TTGO T5 V2.3 2.13 Inch E-Paper Screen. This is available here:

And a github repository for their info and notes is here:

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