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Inventors Kit 6: Solar Flower

Posted by Matthew Little on

In this activity we are going to make a solar power flower. This can be put outside in the garden or on a window sill and will spin around when the sun hits the solar panel.

 First we need to wire up the motor to the solar panel, just like we did for the solar spinner.

We are also going to need a small plastic pop bottle. You will also need:

  • Some paint
  • Some blue-tac
  • Some masking/kraft tape (not essential)
  • Scissors

Warning: This activity will need careful cutting of the plastic bottle, so make sure an adult helps you with this! Be careful with any scissors used!

Here is a video of how I made mine - please follow this for instructions:


The main steps are:

    • Take clean bottle and remove any labels if you can.
      • Draw 'petal' shapes on the side of the bottle around the top section from the screw top. The screw top will be the centre of the flower.
      • Cut these petal shapes out. (Keep the base of the bottle, as we use that later).
      • Fold the petals back.
      • Paint the petals (I used chalk paints, as they are quick, but they rub off). Poster paint also work. Leave it to dry!
      • Fold the long motor connector so that it will fit into the screw top. This holds the petals onto the motor (see video for more detail).
      • Take the base of the bottle and cut around about 5 cm from the base. This will be the flower-pot for our flower.
      • Put tape around the edge of this,as it can be quite sharp. I used kraft tape as it is brown so looks a bit like soil (This was a lucky accident!).
      • Blue-tac the motor into the bottle base.
      • Add the petals.
      • Put in the sun and watch it spin!

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