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The Curious Electric Company, open for Business

Posted by Matthew Little on

Hello World! 

My name is Matt Little and I'm the founder of the Curious Electric Company. My mission is to bring you the very best in environmental and educational electronics project kits to help you monitor the world around us and really have a positive impact on our planet.

I've enjoyed electronics since childhood and never lost the curiosity for how things work. I hope that you'll find making your own gadgets from these kits will help you stay curious about your world and help you learn more about the amazing things we can do with electronics.

My background is in renewable energy systems and have been running the renewable energy design consultancy re-innovation for over six years. I have also been involved with Nottingham Hackspace. These two interests have led me to produce electronic kits for education and learning about both engineering and the environment. I believe we need to understand and respect our natural environment and we need the skills to understand, repair and maintain the technology around us for a more sustainable future.

We've some great solar powered projects, tools, sensors and meters here at the Curious Electric Company and we'll be adding new products regularly. Some of the kits are developed in-house, while others are products we find interesting from designers around the world.

Why not check out two of my favourites? The Bat Listener, which can listen in on the ultrasonic noises made by bats, it's a great project to make before a summer evening walk down by a river or canal where bats will be feeding on midges.

Alternatively why not try our simple light seeking analogue robot, Herbie the Mousebot? This soldering project is a great introduction into the world of sensors and simple robots. 

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