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Solar-matic: A DIY Solar Power Supply

  • £2500

Get off-grid, power your remote project and learn about solar power with this DIY solar charger kit. 

We include two 1Wp solar PV panels which recharge standard 18650 Lithium Ion cells.

The charger IC is the BQ24210 from Texas Instruments. This is an amazing single cell Li Ion battery charge IC with up to 800mA current rating and is designed to maximise the output from a solar PV cell into the battery. This is a very small surface mount component in a WSON-10 package, so we have soldered this to the PCB for you.

The kit is supplied with a DC-DC converter ensures regulated 5V, either for a USB connector output or for screw terminals. The DC-DC converter is controlled via a switch on the side of the PCB.


Kit also includes 2 x solar PV modules and laser-cut case.

Note: The kit does NOT come with a 18650 Lithium Ion cell, as we cannot easily ship them - these are readily available.

Full instructions are available here.

The GITHUB repository for the project is here. This has all PCB design, laser cut enclosure .dxf files and the instructions.

This is a reasonably simple kit which requires some soldering and a few fiddly connections. It should take 1-2 hours to build. Not suitable for under 12 years old.

Note: Depending upon the capacity of the 18650 cell, in the UK the battery will fully recharge in around 3-5 days during an average summers day. This totally depends upon the solar resource available.

Note: The enclosure is NOT waterproof or for outdoor use.

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