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Bat Listener

  • £2000

Please note: This is the retired older version of the Bat Listener. A new version which is easier to build and with more functionality is available (at the same price) if you click here.

Welcome to fascinating world of bats! This Bat Listener can hear the ultrasonic sounds created by bats and convert them to a lower frequency so that you can hear them communicate, navigate and seek them!

Bats use ultra-sonic pulses to navigate and to detect prey. These pulses are very high pitch, in the region of 40-120kHz, around 5 times the maximum frequency humans can hear. The Bat Listener is an electronic circuit that converts the high pitched sounds produced by bats to a human-audible level. For extra fun use the Bat Listener to investigate other gadgets which make a high frequency noise .

You can hear compact fluorescent lights screaming away, the squeaks from sticky tape as it is unwrapped and the high frequency power supplies which power the back-lights in phones and laptops.

This kit has also been used to check if ultrasonic pet scarers are still working, check for gasses leaking from pipes and listen to the noises made by rats!


The kit includes:

  •  Bat Listener Printed Circuit Board
  • 16x Capacitors
  • 12x Resistors
  • 3x Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  • 3x IC Socket Connectors
  • 2x Diodes 
  • Transistor
  • Ultrasonic Receiver
  • Speaker
  • Two Way Switch
  • Potentiometer
  • Wire
  • Instruction Booklet

Please note: While not difficult to make, this kit does require quite a lot of soldering. It is recommended for people who have already done a bit of soldering and will take in the region of 1-3 hours to solder.

The instructions are available here.

The design files are available here on GITHUB.

The laser cut wooden enclosure for this kit is sold separately.

The DXF cutting file to make this enclosure on a laser cutter yourself is available here